Welcome to 13 Reasons to Fly! Thank you so much for visiting and joining the fight against stigma surrounding mental illness. We hope you find a way to uphold our mission in your daily lives! As this campaign is just starting out, keep your eyes open for upcoming events! Feel free to share your reasons here or on our social media pages with #my13reasons. If you are interested in helping or bringing 13 Reasons to Fly to your hometown, contact us! Each of you have the power to make a difference:) It’s time we start the conversation.

Below you’ll see our recent projects and what we are doing to spread our message!


New Chapter! Worcester IRTP

Huge thank you to Angelia, her team, & all the youth at the Worcester Recovery Center! We had a great day speaking with staff about what they can do to help residents while taking care of themselves. We also had a discussion with parents on what we can do to Best support their struggling children. Most importantly, we had an activity with the youth and it gave me hope to hear some of their stories and get to connect with many of them. They made up their own 13 Reasons and we discussed how we are the future and we can shift stigma and shatter labels.I’m so happy with how today went: Thank you Worcester IRTP!
If you’d like to start a chapter or bring 13RTF to you, contact 13reasonstofly@gmail.com


To no surprise, successfest was a success!! It was inspiring to meet many wonderful young people! I cant’t express the strength of all the people I had the pleasure of meeting. I felt surrounded by so much love today, I hope we all get to take that back into our own lives!! So grateful to have had the opportunity to spread our message alongside many wonderful initiatives.

We fly because of initiatives like successfest

Trailer-full video coming soon!

Beyond excited to announce that the video for 13 Reasons to Fly’s new video is now out! Thank you to everyone that made this possible (especially Maryanne Galvin). This is a dream come true- we hope to send this video out to programs, schools, and anyone that needs to hear it!

Contact us if you know someone that is intrested in receiving a DVD. 

Stay tuned!!

Successfest! You’re all invited:)

Hi everyone! We just wanted to share an upcoming opportunity to spread the love and gain a little hope. Friday March 16th, join 13 Reasons to Fly and other mental health awareness organizations in bringing hope & resources to hundreds. We will be doing a workshop to spread our message that afternoon.

This event is a forum for young adults, young adult allies, parents, DMH staff, and community providers to network, share available resources and creative opportunities, and ultimately recognize and celebrate HOPE.

If you are interested in registering for this free event, or are looking for information, click Here. please reach out with any questions! We hope to see you there:)

Bake Sale @ Middlesex School

Shoutout to The Piece of Mind group at middlesex school! Today, they are hosting a bake sale at their school in honor of 13 Reasons to Fly. We are so grateful for Natalie, her team & her initiative. Both of our groups are geared towards mental health awareness! We are so glad the conversation is being started in a lot of places. Best of luck to natalie and her team today! You guys rock.

If you’re interested in hosting an event for 13 Reasons to Fly, please reach out!! Every bit helps.

This Valentine’s Day…

However you celebrate today, (or even if you don’t) remember YOU are loved. While it’s so important to spread love to others, it needs to start from within! Remember that today is a day to not only spend with your loved ones but to spend with YOU & to do things that promote Self-Love and anything that’ll make you feel happy! Because as always, you are worth it & are so deserving of your own love 🎀❤️