Loss into Light

Last month, I had the privilege to spend time in Iola, Kansas with an incredible team of advocates. In June, the community lost a beloved young man to suicide, and his family and this town is determined to never let a tragedy like this happen again. After a weekend of hope, inspiration, and education we all left better equipped to be stewards, carrying a light into our sometimes dark world. Thank you to the entire community for welcoming in this message, and for paving the way for our world to start this vital conversation. I have never felt so inspired.

The weekend was covered by the Iola Register, you can find their article here! Another note of gratitude to Paige Olson who captured the weekend, more photos are available here!

You are never alone. This community proves that. Be the light.

If you’re interested in starting a chapter of 13 Reasons to Fly or wish to know more about us please contact 13reasonstofly@gmail.com

Author: 13reasonstofly

I am a 20 year old survivor, advocate, and student. 4 years ago, 13 Reasons to Fly was founded while I was living in a hospital battling mental illnesses, the original idea was to combat the message of the show Thirteen Reasons Why. Instead, 13RTF was created in the image of hope, that there are so many reasons to live- to fly. With your help, we can raise mental health awareness, spread that “it’s okay not to be okay” and make the world a better place. 13 Reasons to Fly also hopes to cultivate conversations surrounding emotional awareness in schools, places of worship, and workplaces.

One thought on “Loss into Light”

  1. Thank you Nan Project for bringing awareness to such an important issue. Belle and others thank you for your dedication to helping so many in real need.


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