Youth Involvement- Warrior Wednesdays

13 Reasons to Fly’s 2020 Goal is to increase Youth Involvement in on an organizational level. We believe strongly in the Power of Young People, and even more strongly about Using Your Voice for Good. 

Combined, these two beliefs make an unstoppable force. Join us in the fight against the stigma surrounding mental illness. What’s your story?

Are you a Warrior that has struggled or is struggling with mental illness? Are you an advocate for mental wellness, or an ally that wants to help? We want to highlight you! By using this #WarriorWednesday form, you allow us to do just that- strengthen our mission, destigmatize mental illness!

Your Voice Matters.



Author: 13reasonstofly

I am a 19 year old survivor, advocate, and student. 3 years ago, 13 Reasons to Fly was founded while I was living in a hospital battling mental illnesses, the original idea was to combat the message of the show Thirteen Reasons Why. Instead, 13RTF was created in the image of hope, that there are so many reasons to live- to fly. With your help, we can raise mental health awareness, spread that “it’s okay not to be okay” and make the world a better place.

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