About Us

We are founded on the belief that there are many reasons to live- to fly.

1 in 5 people struggle with mental illness. Yet there is an immense stigma that surrounds even the phrase “mental health”. Why? Shouldn’t it be just as important as physical health?

Our mission is to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness while spreading hope to those that are struggling. 13 Reasons to Fly also advocates for continual mental health care reform so that recovery can be equitable and accessible to all people.

13 Reasons to Fly strives to cultivate conversations to increase emotional awareness in schools, places or worship, workplaces, and social media. By sharing our vulnerabilities, we give space to emphasize “it’s okay to not be okay”. From there, recovery is possible.

Founder, Isabelle Cole began 13 Reasons to Fly within hospital walls following the debut of the netflix series 13 Reasons Why. The goal was to spread hope to peers struggling with mental illness and historically silenced by stigma. In the four years since its founding, 13 Reasons to Fly has grown to rise to growing mental health crises with the same mission to start and continue hopeful conversations surrounding mental health.

13 Reasons to Fly’s message is universal, and can be helpful to anyone looking to have real, hopeful conversations about mental health.

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