13 Reasons Why We Need to Talk About Suicide

Our incredible partner, and mentor The Nan Project put together a short movie about 13 Reasons Why We Need to Talk About Suicide in response to 13 Reasons Why.  Teachers and guidance counselors across the nation struggle to address this series, which many of their students were talking about.  On the one hand, it opened up the topic of suicide to a huge segment of the population where previously it had been such a taboo subject. On the other, we had a couple major issues with the portrayal of mental illness and suicide.

This video aims to show what 13 Reasons Why did not; that there are many supports you can turn to if you are concerned about yourself or a peer. Watch 13 Reasons Why We Need to Talk About Suicide

You’ll notice that within, or at the end of each of the 13 vignettes, there is a support listed (hotlines, coping skills, individuals), and we hope that young people will gain an understanding of the vast array of resources you can reach out to within your school or community.

More importantly, the final vignette outlines in 3 clear steps, on how to respond to a peer in crisis. 

There is help. There is hope.



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