13 Reasons Why We Need to Talk About Suicide

Our incredible partner, and mentor The Nan Project put together a short movie about 13 Reasons Why We Need to Talk About Suicide in response to 13 Reasons Why.  Teachers and guidance counselors across the nation struggle to address this series, which many of their students were talking about.  On the one hand, it opened up the topic of suicide to a huge segment of the population where previously it had been such a taboo subject. On the other, we had a couple major issues with the portrayal of mental illness and suicide.

This video aims to show what 13 Reasons Why did not; that there are many supports you can turn to if you are concerned about yourself or a peer. Watch 13 Reasons Why We Need to Talk About Suicide

You’ll notice that within, or at the end of each of the 13 vignettes, there is a support listed (hotlines, coping skills, individuals), and we hope that young people will gain an understanding of the vast array of resources you can reach out to within your school or community.

More importantly, the final vignette outlines in 3 clear steps, on how to respond to a peer in crisis. 

There is help. There is hope.


Youth Involvement- Warrior Wednesdays

13 Reasons to Fly’s 2020 Goal is to increase Youth Involvement in on an organizational level. We believe strongly in the Power of Young People, and even more strongly about Using Your Voice for Good. 

Combined, these two beliefs make an unstoppable force. Join us in the fight against the stigma surrounding mental illness. What’s your story?

Are you a Warrior that has struggled or is struggling with mental illness? Are you an advocate for mental wellness, or an ally that wants to help? We want to highlight you! By using this #WarriorWednesday form, you allow us to do just that- strengthen our mission, destigmatize mental illness!

Your Voice Matters.



Loss into Light

Last month, I had the privilege to spend time in Iola, Kansas with an incredible team of advocates. In June, the community lost a beloved young man to suicide, and his family and this town is determined to never let a tragedy like this happen again. After a weekend of hope, inspiration, and education we all left better equipped to be stewards, carrying a light into our sometimes dark world. Thank you to the entire community for welcoming in this message, and for paving the way for our world to start this vital conversation. I have never felt so inspired.

The weekend was covered by the Iola Register, you can find their article here! Another note of gratitude to Paige Olson who captured the weekend, more photos are available here!

You are never alone. This community proves that. Be the light.

If you’re interested in starting a chapter of 13 Reasons to Fly or wish to know more about us please contact 13reasonstofly@gmail.com

Kansas City, Missouri- Finding Hope

Last month we had the honor to host a workshop at Youth 2019, a convention with thousands of other young people!

Our workshop (titled Finding Hope) was an informal discussion on mental health challenges and ways to battle stigma. We began by sharing the story and origin of 13 Reasons to Fly, and then invited people to brainstorm & share their reasons to fly.

We were blown away by the openness, bravery, and strength of the young people that attended. Recounting on this experience gives us inspiration to propel forward and continue doing this much needed work! So incredibly grateful for all the people we had the opportunity to meet.

Keep spreading your wings.

Pegasus House, Daybreak Shelter

Had an amazing time working with the young women at Pegasus House in Lawrence! We had a lot of fun developing Reasons to Fly on kites!

We also discussed the pressure of stigma , and took great pride in working to make their labels ‘disappear’.Thank you to Robin, the staff and all the strong young people from Pegasus House!

Weekly Wednesday’s

Hi All! I know it’s been a while, but don’t worry, our work hasn’t stopped! Behind the scenes, has been traveling to Cohannet Academy: a JRI youth residential program in Taunton State Hospital. Today we had our 3rd Group and the youth did an activity highlighting values and why they matter to us!

If you’re interested in hearing more about what we do, or if you’d like to bring a chapter to your school/program/place of worship feel free to Contact Us at 13reasonstofly@gmail.com

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